The Oasis

by Cygnus

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Konami Codes 08:03
IBM Minus 01:47
Cloudy Style 06:02
OA.SYS 04:20


You're seated comfortably in your chair, couch or your bed. Your hands rest calmly on your knees or your lap. Peace and tranquility glow invisibly around your body, as sacred impressions written on the universe. You know it's time to relax and enjoy a wonderful time. It's always been that way since you were a child. All you want to do is relax and have a good time. Your thoughts and feelings are like a formless stream of water from space. Your breath enters the tip of your nose, widening the chest cavity and the belly, you breathe out and you watch the muscles give way to relaxation. You enter The Oasis.

You take in the surroundings . All of the memories those objects hold for you. You give meaning to everything around you. Nothing means anything without your mind. The virtual simulation you're living in is called The Oasis. You enter The Oasis with every thought. You float like an angel in the formless ether of the cosmos. You're made of stardust and sound waves, and you shine like a living sun. Every atom in your body is held together with love and electricity. You are The Oasis.

You know the precious opportunity in this life to benefit countless people through wholesome goodness and love. You know that this body and this life are sacred and temporary. You remember the impermanence of everything you imagine is unlimited. Nothing is permanent and you need to love it while it's there. Disturbing emotions come, and they go. Pleasant feelings come, and go. You meditate. You enter The Oasis.

You understand causality, that it is up to you what will happen in the future. Former thoughts, words and actions became your present state, and right now you are sowing the seeds for your future. The future is right in front of you. You can build The Oasis.

We celebrate this enigma of electronic ecstasy, dance and timeless wonder with drum machines, synthesizers, parties and raves, deep and meaningful converesation, caring for one another, benefiting our friends, parents, children and siblings in perfect love through the sound of funk, joyful rhythm and spaciousness. We are Ridley Scott's Xenomorph, but we are bred for love. We like space because we are beings from outer space. We enter The Oasis. We open up our love to the innumerable teachings of science fiction, fantasy and cyberpunk literature, movies and discourse. We open to The Oasis. We embody richness and joy behind imagination. We are all friends for eternity. We enter The Oasis.


released December 24, 2019

Synthesizers & Drum Machines: Phillip Washington
Mastered by Computer Club in Sheffield, UK

Shout outs: Robin De Bekker, James McGoldrick, Milarepa, AE(SB&RB), Harvey Moody, Ramona X, Asif Khan, Gerard Hanson, Daniel Williamson, Andy Puddicombe, Matt Washer, Victoria Lukas, Mariska Neerman, Hideo Kojima, Gautama Siddartha, Gina Ryan, Arthur Pena, Isao Tomita


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